A commune of contrasts extending from city to nature that constantly encourages exploration. Its jewels incontestably include its very harmonious Art Deco district, its historic centre echoing with a thousand years of history, its seven centuries of painted murals culminating today in an immense Grafitti Hall of Fame, a city abattoir offering out-of-the-ordinary activities and products, and an uncommon cemetery along the edge of a protected natural site. Its ten museums draw more than a hundred thousand visitors per year, leaving no one unmoved. At its border with Pajottenland, Bruegel's influence is still in evidence.
Welcome to Anderlecht!


Rue du Chapitre, 31
Quai d'Aa
Chaussée de Mons, 145
Jardin des Sens - Rue Neerpede 187
Place de la Vaillance, Monument to the dea
Rue du Chaudron, 1A
Avenue Nellie Melba, 14
Route de Lennik,808
Rue Van Lint, 14
Rue du Chapitre, 31
Rue Ropsy Chaudron, 24
Rue Van Lint, 45