Europe Day

Saturday 6 May
Partners events

Europe can be fun! Especially on 6 May 2017 when the EU institutions celebrate the anniversary date of the Schuman Declaration and organize an Open day with guided tours in their headquarters, European food fairs and other animated activities for the whole family. Not to be missed: a visit of the extraordinary and brand new Europa-building, the hemicycle of the European Parliament and a visit to the new House of European History or the futuristic Station Europe. In the process, you will learn what you always wanted to know about the EU and were afraid to ask. Some tips and highlights

•Be a Member of the European Parliament for a day: with ‘Debate is democracy in action’ you will take a seat in the European Parliament itself! You will hear the arguments of a panel of Members of the European Parliament. Finally, you can cast your own vote like a real MEP!

•Discover spectacular novelties of the European Parliament + the Parlamentarium: the European Parliament has some great venues in terms of visitors offer that have just opened: The House of European History and the futuristic welcome center Station Europe, including a augmented reality model of the European campus, as well as the well know Parlamentarium, the biggest parliamentary visitors center in Europe.

•Be amazed by the Europa building: an absolute must is this new state of the art gem of contemporary architecture which is the new seat of the European council with its ecological design, wooden window frames, colorful chess-board like interior and of course the huge and spectacular lantern shaped interior.

•Visit the Commissioners Room ‘Jean Monet’ in the Berlaymont building : you can enjoy the spectacular view on Brussels from the highest floor in the Berlaymont building in the room where the European Commissioners meet and take important decisions on the future of the European Union

•Take a multilingual guided tour: nothing better that a face-to-face explanation on the role, daily work and/or the visited building. Many institutions offer free guided tours to their visitors!

•Enjoy some European food: whether it is a free tasting or a paid-for meal, Europe Day has some great food on offer. Tips: visit the European Committee of the Regions to enjoy food and beverages from every little corner of Europe or stroll around the Bread Festival on the Schuman Roundabout.

•Take the mini-train: although all venues are within walking distance, two touristic train will offer a free shuttle all-day service between the Luxemburg square, the Committees, the Leopold park and the Schuman roundabout.

•Ask your questions: if you don’t understand the EU and want to know more, then this is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with the matter. Visit the dozens of stands where EU-officials and other organizations will hand out documentation and answer your questions.

•Bring your kids: every venue has specific fun and educative animation programmed for families with children. So don’t hesitate to bring along the whole family!

•Take a break in the parks: the European quarter hosts some marvelous parks, ideal for a picnic or to break away from the crowds. The Leopold Park and the Parc du Cinquantenaire are the most prominent to visit.

•Finish your day with a free concert: Electro Night. The Iris Festival, which will be going on the whole weekend, programs a free concert on the Place du Palais -Paleizenplein from 7 PM onwards. Tip: the mini-train will do a last trip at 6 PM to transport the music fans to the concert!