With its many parks and wooded areas, Forest, as its name indicates, is one of the greenest communes in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its pleasant residential neighbourhoods are complimented with numerous corner shops offering all manner of conveniences to residents. It's a commune with a long, historic past and significant architectural heritage (medieval abbey, as well as Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings). Cultural life is intense there, including Forest National shows, Wiels or Brass exhibitions, Union Saint-Gilloise football matches, medieval festivals, and the annual market. Finally, it is an important economic centre with a number of flourishing businesses within its boundaries, from simple start-ups to major players in global industry (Audi).
In other words, Forest is a welcoming commune offering a rich and pleasant living environment.


Les Jardins du Wiels, Avenue Van Volxem, 354
Chaussée de Neerstalle 323 B
Rue de l'Imprimerie 5
Avenue Van Volxem 364
Rue de Mérode 441
Avenue Van Volxem, 354
Rue du Curé, 2