Guided tour of Forest - Sold out

Saturday 6 May
Forest yesterday and today

This bicycle ride will enable you to discover the commune's natural wonders as well as its traditional and more contemporary architectural heritage.
Forest is moving and changing! Its multicultural inhabitants, historic past, and many contemporary projects no doubt have something to do with it... Our enthusiastic guides will lead you into the lush parks and gardens where you can breathe. Private Art Nouveau or Art Deco houses, industrial structures, religious buildings, and council estates will be narrated as veritable relics of the commune's history. The Wiels, the sustainable neighbourhood projects in Saint-Denis, and the market nonetheless present a great opportunity to embrace the modern world!

Bike Tour

Meeting point : In front of the kiosk on Saint-Denis Square, 1190 Forest

FR: 10 am - Sold out
EN: 11 am - Sold out
NL: 14 pm - Sold out

Lasts: 2.30 hrs

You can either bring your own bike or use one of Pro Velo’s.

In collaboration with Pro Velo