Iris Food Corner

Saturday 6 May
Sunday 7 May
Place Royale and Place des palais

Saturday 12:00 – 0:30
Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

On Saturday, 6 and Sunday, 7 May take a gourmet break and stroll over to our Iris Food Corner located at Place Royale and Place des Palais. Many unusual and flavourful dishes will be available: cocktails, sushi, falafel, bagels, vegan burgers, insects, as well as African and Balinese dishes, await you. There will be something for everyone! Take a look at the list of foodtrucks that will be on hand below:

Sanza Na MoyiEthnic Combodgian/Caribbean
De CorteHot SnackingFries /Burger/Smoutebollen
G&J EventsDrinks Sweet Cocktails
The Hotdog.beHot SnackingHotDog
Spicymotion 1EthnicJapanese Food
Spicymotion 2EthnicItalian Food
Chez RoseEthnicLebanese Food
Urban CookGourmetBurger & Potatoes
Didine Cooking - BageltruckHot SnackingBagels
Les Passions UniesDrinks Sweet Cocktails
Pittige DamesHot SnackingWraps/Korokets/Nachos/Cubano's
Wooly Sweet EthnicPortuguese Dessert
Los ChurrosSweetChurros/Waffles/Sweet friter
Chez CochonouHot SnackingHot Sandwiches
Frituur VandermeulenHot SnackingFries /Belgian Food
Pasta d'ItaliaEthnicItalian Food
Bugs un MugsEthnicBugs
FrugesSweetFrozen Yogurt
Nati ThaïEthnicThaï Food
AperoccinoHot DrinksCoffee and thea
PapagayoDrinks Sweet Cocktails
Made In StreetHot Snacking / SweetHotDog-Nachos/Waffles
Saveurs d'AfriqueEthnicAfrican Food
SoupreiseBio Veggieveggie soup
PascalinoSweet  Ice Cream
Bagels RoadEthnicBagels
Betterwines & BetterbeersDrinks Belgian Beer / Wines
Mon Château a moiDrinks Sweet Cocktails
Greek-FoodEthnicGreek Food
Sugito PrestigeEthnicBalinese Food
Arrosticino  GustosoHot SnackingItalian Grill
FranklinSweetArtisanal Ice Cream