This commune has nearly 96,000 inhabitants, which makes it one of the largest localities in the Kingdom. On the way out of the historic centre, bearing witness to its early industrialisation in the mid-nineteenth century, one can head towards the first working class areas and then go along the grand boulevards where the architecture of the 60s and 70s rises up. Today its roots also reach into new architectural creations that are bold and modern. The exploration inevitably involves a visit to Scheutbos, a partly natural site with precious biodiversity that is a relic of the commune's rural past. Another remarkable green bubble: Karreveld Chateau and its park, just recently restored. The Molenbeek skyline also connects to the canal, the new Belle-Vue liner, and the Maritime District which zips towards Brussels' neighbouring Tour & Taxis. In short, Molenbeekoffers an unexpected blend of contrasting landscapes. And, of course, one should not forget its cultural, athletic, commercial, tourist, and association dynamic. Let this Iris Festival be the opportunity to make your way to this multifaceted enclave! Welcome!


Rue de la Colonne, 54
Château de Karreveld, Avenue Jean de la Hoese, 3
Parc du Scheutbos, entrée boulevard Louis Mettewie
Métro Comte de Flandre
Maison Communale de Molenbeek, Rue du Comte de Flandre, 20
Place Sainctelette - (près de la statue du Vaartkapoen)
Rue Mommaerts, 4
Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek, Rue Mommaerts 4
Parvis Saint-Jean-Baptiste
Boulevard Jubilé, 41-43
Comte de Flandre (en surface côté canal)
Quai des charbonnages, 40