Sidney Samson

Saturday 6 May
Place des Palais
22.00 - 23.15

As a seven year old boy, Sidney started playing the guitar. From there on he knew that he wanted to make music for the rest of his life. After seeing a couple of DMC Mix Championships, his interest in DJ-ing was sparked. He started DJ-ing in 1995 at the age of 14. During that time he mainly played R&B and Hip Hop tunes at local clubs. He switched his style completely to House music in 1999 and became the resident DJ of the ‘Exxellent’ nights at one of Holland’s biggest clubs The Matrixx in 2003. Sidney’s career as a producer and DJ took off from there and he quickly became one of the most dominant forces in the Dutch scene. After a number of club hits, Sidney broke into the charts when he released the now infamous: ‘Riverside’! Sidney’s future looks even brighter when considering the fact that he is slowly but surely expanding his career as producer for some of the world’s major pop/urban/dance crossover stars. His recent collaboration with Will.I.Am and Lil’ Wayne is only one example of this.